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"Before you abuse, criticize and accuse. Walk a mile in HIS shoes."


In Loving Memory...
Nancy S. Garner, My Mom
March 31st 1947 - October 16th 2015

My Mom

In Loving Memory...
Rudy M. Garner, My Dad
April 15th 1947 - November 20th 2003

Lung Cancer Awareness

My Dad My Dad

UO #15 Battery B (SLT)
29th Artillery, 1st Cav Division
An Khe, Vietnam
Rank: SP4

proudly presents...
It's Only Elvis

This site is dedicated in memory of Elvis Aaron Presley, and originates from Northern Kentucky, USA


This site proudly supports all past and present military personnel, and thanks them for their service to defend our freedom!

Last Updated: December 26, 2023

The Web itsonlyelvis.com

USPS Elvis Forever Stamp + Exclusive CD


Elvis Week 2023

The tattoo I got on my right upper arm on July 14, 2008

Pure Gold
This cassette was the very first Elvis music I ever heard, it was brought home by my Dad who was a truck driver at the time.

Elvis' philosophy for a happy life:

Someone to love,
something to look forward to,
and something to do!

Click to watch
"I Still Cry" - Elvis Tribute Video

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"Shine A Little Light" - Elvis Tribute Video

The boy who would change the world forever!

Founding Member #2575

Elvis' Army Stay in Germany - The Landmarks

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